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Here are some answers from questions that might arise from your mind:

Why JavaSlim ?
JavaSlim is specially made with traditional herbs, it helps to reduce weight rapidly without changing your eating habits. No need to go on a diet, just eat what you want as normal.
For centuries, Jamu has been consumed by Indonesian people as herbal remedies. There are many kinds of Jamu, each of which has its own purpose. Although there is known about the origin of Jamu, many people believe that the first Jamu came in 17th century in Java. Competing to seize the emperor’s attention, the empress and mistresses devoted their time to be young, beautiful and slim by preparing and consuming Jamu and other herbal cosmetics. Since JavaSlim Capsule and JavaSlim Tea contains natural ingredients with no chemical additives, there are no possible side effects. Thus, it is absolutely a risk-free way to lose weight!

Can I still eat chocolate?
Yes, you can. You'll probably find that you'll eat it less of it in time, and quite soon you'll find you don't actually want it as much as you used to, but eating for wellness and well-being means being able to have a bit of what you fancy

Do I have to exercise to lose weight successfully?
We encourage you to combine healthy eating with an active lifestyle. Being active can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure, as well as help protect against osteoporosis and diabetes. It can have positive effects on mood, self-esteem, stress and anxiety levels, and improve sleep, energy levels and general fitness (
JavaSlim Exercise Plan)

Do I have to cook separate meals for myself while I'm slimming?
No, the whole family can benefit! Meals based on rice, pasta, potatoes, or lean meat and fish, with plenty of fruit and vegetables, are great for everyone's health. It's fine for children aged five and over to eat the same healthy meals as you do.

Is it OK to snack?
Absolutely! But be wise to choose your snack. Fresh fruits, beans, smoothies (from plain yoghurt) and cereal bars are all great healthy snack for you. You can eat them without feel guilty.

Do we need to consume JavaSlim Capsule & JavaSlim Tea altogether to get slim?
Indeed. To achieve a maximum result in short period, you are advised to take both JavaSlim capsules and JavaSlim tea. Followed by eating less oily food and junk food simultaneously. Indeed, you will immediately see the result!

Who can take JavaSlim Tea ?
JavaSlim Tea can be consumed by men and women. Nevertheless, for pregnant woman, children, and diarrhea sufferers are not recommended to consume this product.

What is the recommended dosage for JavaSlim ?
For JavaSlim Capsule, it is recommended to take two capsules daily, before sleep.
For JavaSlim Tea, regularly take one cup – at every meal daily.

How do we get JavaSlim ?
You may order online. If you live in Jakarta area, JavaSlim is available at KemChicks- Pacific Place. For further assistance, please contact us at

How long does it take for shipping?
We will respond within 24 hours after receiving confirmation of your payment. Normally it will take maximum of 5 working days for shipment (esp. for outside Indonesia).


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